Alistair Veryard Photography



What cameras and equipment do you use?

I have a whole collection of the best camera equipment on the market, but none of that really matters, it's all about what I see through my lens that counts. Haha!


Are our images backed up?

I backup and keep your images on file for as long as possible, but that does not mean forever, so please make sure you look after the ones you are provided with.


Do you travel a long way?

If you have a great location, I want to photograph there! Unfortunately travel expenses might need to be covered though.



When should we book our wedding?

Its best to book a wedding as soon as possible, public holidays for example always disappear quickly. But I have been know to take a booking a week before the big day.


Do you require a deposit for bookings?

Deposits are required to secure your wedding day, this is a payment of £500. The balance will need to be paid by one month before the wedding day.


Do you charge by the hour?

A wedding day is everything from a beautiful bride putting on her dress all the way through to uncle bob throwing moves on the dance floor (why would you want to miss any of that?). I don't charge by the specific hour because its all about capturing the whole day.


When do you stay until?

I plan to stay until the fun stops, dance floors are too much fun not to photograph.


Do you photograph group shots?

Group shots are a very important part of the day, but I try and keep these quick as shuffling families around can be quite a distraction. 5 or 6 setups is normally a good number to work to.


How long until we can see our pictures?

A wedding can take between 4 and 6 weeks to deliver. Its all that complex editing, colour correction, cropping and organising, ha. But you know it will all be worth it when you see the final collection.


Can we print from the high resolution imagery?

Once you have the pictures you are more than welcome to print them out how you wish, but please be aware of the copyright rules that you have been provided with.


Who owns the copy right to the images?

I retain the copyright, but you are given permission to use them how you wish on all forms of print or web. 


Do you create wedding albums?

I work with a great company that constructs beautiful hand crafted albums. These are available as part of the wedding package and are a must have for a great way to display your memories to loved ones.



Can you shoot for the whole day?

I can shoot to whatever time plan you have arranged for your event, afternoons, evening or very early mornings. I do work to a minimum booking time though, so please get in touch for details.


How fast can you deliver the final images?

Depending on your deadlines and requirements, I can deliver images the following morning if requested. I can also supply a collection during the event, but editing time has to be taken into account.


How do you deliver images?

I generally prefer to deliver low resolution images via the latest file sharing software. But if you have a system in place I'm happy to work to your specifications. High resolution images can be batch deliver via the internet or delivered in bulk via postal delivery.



Where can we photograph a portrait shoot?

We can shoot anywhere (the law allows! ha). I know lots of locations in and around London that are brilliant for working in, or I can travel to a destination that suits you. Great backgrounds are everywhere!


Do you have lots of equipment to move about?

Its all depends on the shoot. I have a collection of great lighting equipment, but sometimes photographing with natural light is the perfect solution. This is something that can always be discussed and organised before the shoot.