Stuffed bears, Medieval armour and World War guns. Charlie and Michelle could not have picked more kooky location for their big day.

The family gathered the night before, exploring and getting lost around the labyrinth of room that is Maunsel House. Hearty curries and strong beers were served, while peacocks fought flamboyantly amongst the guests for any dropped crumbs. On the morning of the grand day, the guests walked amongst the doves, ponies, ducks and goats, while Michelle and her ladies pampered themselves in the Kings Room. Ornate bath tubs were filled, 4 poster beads were bounced on and a massive rope connected to the bell tower was tugged a bit to much for some hungover guest liking.

The ceremony took place cloaked in leafy branches from the surrounding summer woodland. Chairs had been laid out around the delicately floral decorated bandstand and the bride arrived to the gentle tunes of a guitar and violin. The ceremony flowed with laughter and joy. Afterwards, the guests gathered on the lawn, champaign in hand, then ventured to the beautify decorated garden arches for the speeches and meal.

Carefully designed signs and table decoration lead the guests to their equally beautiful tables. The food courses were tastefully prepared, the speeches were heart warming and captivating and the best men were suitably entertaining with projections of Charlie's adventures. Peter Andre, a old work colleague, even left them a humorous message! Then came the cutting of the 'Till death do us part' cake, the couple adored the skull mounted on a pedestal, Granddad was very confused!

In the evening Michelle and Charlie took to the dance floor, after suitable stretching, enticed others to join in and then brought out the big guns, literally, muskets, tommy guns, blunderbusses and a Churchill shotgun to name a few. The craziness flowed into the very late hours, cake and drink kept appearing, a bizarre collection of hats found their way on to many a head, Medieval armour was tested, room were thoroughly explored and many guns were posed with! It was a tremendous occasion.

'I would be lying if I said I didn't look at my wedding photos practically everyday, I love my photos. Love them. They capture the day perfectly. I would recommend Alistair in a heartbeat - which is exceptional as I'm a exacting Television Director and a fussy Bride... but Alistair's work blew my socks off! Don't hesitate to choose him to immortalise your wedding. The best decision we made.' Michelle